About Us

About Us

5on6.pl is the first  multilingual free  classified ads  listing   website in poland. Launched in 2019 with the aim of creating a wider platform for buying and selling of new and used items , services and events, etc...  between  local communities and as well as foreign internationals without language barriers .

Every year over 15 million tourists visit  Poland. In 2017, poland recorded a ground breaking 18.7 milion tourists.  Also not forgetting  that  over a million foreigners live in Poland.

In veiw of  the fact that these people are  also willing to buy goods and services from the Polish online market, we have created a multilingual platform that allows everyone to buy, sell, rent or lease , vehicles, machines, real estate  and other items  in Poland without  language  barriers.

In addition, international buyers who currently do not live in Poland could access and buy on the Polish internet market.

5on6.pl (From Poland to the rest of the world.)


1. But how does this multilingual option affect my sales?

It gives you a wider range and a larger number of potential customers. There are millions of foreigners living in and outside of Poland who want to buy your goods and services, but no thanks  to language barriers their access  are  denied. Buying and selling goods and services should not be limited to one  language  / country.

2. I have several used items for sale, preferably for export, but I only speak Polish. How can I even communicate with a potential buyer who does not speak Polish?

You do not have to speak the same language with buyers to finalize transactions. 5on6.pl offers the BUY ASSIST option, which takes care of  all communication / language problems between buyers and sellers during the transaction. Always remember to select the BUY ASSIST option when placing the ad/ listing.

3. what is the cost of placing my ads / listing on 5on6.pl?

It's completely free.

4. Can I promote my ads to allow visibility on the first page?

Yes, but this option requires a small payment.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support info@5on6.pl.